BLTV's programming offers you the best in great entertainment choices with over 130 high quality digital channels, including 50 music channels. Options and advanced features include: Variety and Hispanic Tiers, High Definition channels, Premium channels, and Caller ID on TV Screen (subscription required). Only BLTV brings you local community channels with the latest information on local events, including the Community Calendar, Church Bulletin, sports, and coverage of community events! BLTV is also pleased to offer the Warren County School channel (180 WCS-TV).

Be the boss of your TV with DVR (Digital Video Recorder) which gives you the power to watch TV in your own sweet time. With DVR you can also record one show while you watch another. Pause live TV, to answer the phone, or rewind to see what you've missed. And, if you want to experience the ultimate, sign up for BLTV's HD (High Definition) service. Enjoy stunning pictures up to five times sharper than standard service!

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